About Cornerstone

Dear Friends,

Established in 2001, Cornerstone continues to provide family office services to a select group of wealthy individuals and their families.  Our capabilities have expanded over the years in response to their needs and requests.

One of our primary responsibilities is to function as the chief financial officer (CFO) for client family finances.  We pride ourselves on the ability to listen carefully and advise thoughtfully.  Both skills are essential to providing excellent client service and appropriate recommendations that are delivered in a timely manner.

The “cornerstone of our firm is our talented staff including my two principals, Carrie Rosko who has been with Cornerstone since the beginning and Michelle Bizily, with over 14 years with us. In addition, we have a deep bench of experienced individuals who hold many respected credentials and degrees.

We owe our success to our clients, many of whom date back over 30 years.  We invite you to explore Cornerstone’s services and welcome your calls and inquires.  As we begin our third decade, we will continue to be dedicated to using our time, experience, and ideas to help our clients achieve happiness and success.

Every day, we seek to deliver more than just advice.